Choosing the right engine oil for a smoother ride.

The best lubricant doesn’t come from the black stuff that oozes out of the ground, but is a tailor-made fluid that is created by an innovation with more than 3,500 patents.

The single most important component of engine care is the engine oil that lubricates the insides. In fact, using the best oil and changing it on time can keep an engine literally running like new for years.

But engineers from Shell redefined the thinking that the best thing to put in your car is based on something quite different from what most of us think of as oil. It’s a synthetic lubricant with a base oil made from… liquefied gas.

Shell's PurePlus Technology makes use of a gas-to-liquid process to create the best possible lubricant for engines.

It’s the first engine oil that uses this revolutionary technology to produce a pure base oil with stronger molecular bonds. The breakthrough process converts natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil (that is, the black stuff that oozes out of the ground).

Shell invested millions of dollars in this technology and holds more than 3,500 patents just for PurePlus Technology.

The synthetic base oil is used to make Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology that brings best benefit to your engine in key areas: enhanced viscosity (the ability of the oil to flow faster at extremely cold temperatures), reduced friction and lower volatility (which reduces oil consumption).

“The engine is like the heart of your car and taking care of the heart with the right engine oil is important. Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology provides the basis for the next generation of engine oils designed to protect engines now and in the future,” says Robert Sutherland, Shell Helix Global Technology Manager.

“With Shell Helix Ultra comes the confidence that you’ve bought the latest, most advanced technology to give you long lasting performance. It offers superior protection against extreme engine temperatures - such as cold starts and hot running temperatures. This is the best of Shell lubricant technology in action and is our most innovative offer to consumers yet,” adds Andrew Hepher, Vice President of Global Commercial Technology for Shell.

That is a key reason Shell Helix Ultra is the engine oil used by Cycle & Carriage for Mitsubishi, Kia and Citroën cars. The best workshops use the best available materials, after all. In this case, it's a high-tech engine oil, but doesn’t come from crude oil.