NEVER polish your car again! Here’s how

Not a fan of the muddy look on your car, nor of hours spent waxing and buffing? Here’s the solution

WHAT IF YOU could shield your car in an invisible force-field, to keep grime off and frustrate even the most determined efforts by birds to use the bonnet as a toilet? You actually can.

Sign up for Cycle & Carriage's 'Total Paint & Wheel Protection' and our certified technicians will encase your vehicle's body, headlamps and wheels in Zertona hydrophobic coating.

Originally developed for luxury yachts, Zertona is a long-lasting molecular coating for paint, plastic trims and headlamps. Its sealant forms a tough, durable and water-beading ceramic barrier to the paintwork, as well as to the parts of your car that aren't painted.

The product also prevents oxidation of paintwork and improves chemical and mechanical resistance.

It ensures cleanliness by repelling water and dirt. Hydrophilic (water-attracting) surfaces are wet easily. Hydrophobic (water-repelling) surfaces are not. The more hydrophobic the coating, the better the release (and thus, the non-stick effect).

Not all non-stick coatings are created equal as their properties may vary. In order to retain that original showroom shine, we recommend that you bring your vehicle in once a year for the Total Paint & Wheel Protection with Zertona.

Do this and you will never have to spend hours waxing or polishing your car again. There are better ways to get buff.

* Did you know… hydrophobic coating technology was inspired by nature, with scientists borrowing ideas from water-repellant leaves and self-cleaning butterfly wings?