Your car’s first line of defence against the haze is…

A small but significant component can keep foul pollutants outside where they belong

HARMFUL AND UNDESIRABLE particles like dust, pollen and bacteria can enter your car through the air conditioning system, and in hazy conditions you can add soot particles and toxic gases to that unwelcomed cocktail.

That makes the cabin air filter your first line of defense. Most cabin air filters are found at the outside of the air conditioning system’s intake, where outside air goes through the filter before reaching you. It takes less than 20 minutes to install, and comes in two forms: carbon and particulate.

Carbon filters have charcoal in them and are treated with chemicals and heat to give specific odour-control properties. The charcoal traps odour-causing gases by adsorption (not absorption), and therefore holds the gases on the surface of the charcoal treated filter. Because charcoal is porous, the filter has a very high capacity for trapping noxious gases, like those found in the haze.

According to the experts at Cycle & Carriage, it is recommended that you replace your air con filter every six months to a year, and clean the evaporator every 12 to 24 months ensure the well-being of you and your passengers.

Bear in mind, though, that servicing the air con for a car is much like taking care of the ones at home: it’s best done at regular intervals, and could even be considered a standalone requirement that is separate from the servicing needs of the rest of the car.

If that sounds daunting, luckily there are comprehensive options at Cycle & Carriage for ensuring a healthy air con and the clean cabin that comes with it. There are three Air Con Chemical Cleaning and Refresh packages for Mitsubishi, Kia and Citroën cars to choose from.

The first is an antibacterial cabin refresh that cleans and disinfects your cabin. The second option will see our certified mechanics clean your air con evaporator coil and service your air con filter. The third option sees your air con filter replaced instead of serviced.

Using only genuine parts, our experts will keep your vehicle in optimal condition, while saving you money by keeping your vents clean and clear of dust. For those who have family members with allergies, having a clean evaporator will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping the air fresh.

All of that will benefit cabin occupants at any time of year, but when the haze does roll around, having a well-serviced air con system helps to keep it outside, where it belongs.

* Did you know… contaminants inside a vehicle can be as much as six times higher than the levels outside?