"Upon messaging him, he responded to me immediately and advised me."


I wish to put on record about the excellent customer service rendered by your customer service staff, Mr Chan Kok Chen, for his timely and valuable help during the hour of need in an emergency situation.

On the late evening of 16 September 2015, my rear right wheel got punctured and it was not possible to leave my car on the road to wait for a tow truck as I had to immediately rush back for urgent work at another location. Therefore, I decided to replace the punctured wheel with a spare wheel myself. I referred to the owner manual but couldn’t locate the storage location of the jack. I looked for online help including YouTube videos etc. but to no avail. It was a time consuming task amidst the darkness, and the whole situation was becoming like a treasure hunt to locate the jack.

Therefore, I thought of giving a call to Citroën’s customer support after finding a piece of service sheet in which Kok Chen’s mobile was listed. Upon messaging him, he responded to me immediately and advised me on the right location of the jack, which was almost hidden in the spare wheel. He also gave me the Citroën emergency contact just in case I couldn’t locate the jack after his advice.

Well, after finding the jack, the next hurdle was to locate the jack points. After placing the jack below the rear right side below the door edge I noticed the portion was dented so I lowered the jack and called Kok Chen again. He understood my difficulty and sent me the picture of the jack points via WhatsApp which really helped as I managed to replace the punctured wheel and was able to attend to the urgent work.

Although it was not obligatory for Kok Chen to attend to customer calls on his personal mobile phone after office hours, rendering such a timely help beyond the call of duty is really appreciated.