"Cycle & Carriage saw me though my life journey with its ever dependable and trustworthy service centre."

Heng Li Koon

My first experience with Cycle & Carriage came along with my first car. The salesman then, Mr Richard Kang at Cycle & Carriage Leng Kee, ensured me that I would be well looked after when I signed the purchase papers. I am very delighted to say that nine years later, he is still true to his words! This is one of the best and most important decisions of my life. This car went through thick and thin with me and accompanied me though the best and also the worst stages of my life, sharing my happiness along with my grief.

Likewise, Cycle & Carriage saw me though my life journey with its ever dependable and trustworthy service centre. I love the service centre staff at Pandan Gardens and have been visiting them for servicing faithfully these past nine years. Their service goes beyond words. They always take care of my service needs and have never let me down since day one, when I went there to solve a technical issue with my seat belt. The technical manager then was fast and quick to detect my issue and rectified it right on the spot. My confidence with Cycle & Carriage grew and I always look forward to seeing these ever polite staff in their uniforms, professionally greeting me whenever I turn up for servicing. They make my day as I know they always deliver their promise to sort out issues and will never forget to check on potential hiccups. Best of all, the service delivery is consistently great, regardless of who the service staff is. On several occasions, I saw them discussing discreetly among themselves about the cars that they serviced and sharing brief information to ensure that the servicing experience was smooth. They always have the customer's interest at heart and help by trying to relate to non-technical queries about my car. Even the driver who sends me to the MRT station ensures that I get to the drop off place safely and on time! These people have kept me and my family safe!

This trustworthy service delivery is the very reason why our family kept this first car and did not replace it as we added on other vehicles. We went through several service plan renewals without hesitation. I know this trust built over this ten years will never be replaced elsewhere. Having experienced other service centres, I know I am right and would like to take this opportunity to thank these staff whom have accompanied me though my driving journey in life.

Here's a big 'thank you' to Cycle & Carriage for my wonderful experience and the staff at Pandan Gardens for looking after me all the years!